Members, this is Archie.  Archie was born with an extremely rare condition called Anophthalmia, which means he was born with no eyes and he was then found to have a genetic disorder called SOX2 syndrome, a genetic condition affecting one in 250,000 births.  His mutation is so rare that there is only 1 other in the world.  Archie is also the younger cousin of one of our members here at Harburn, Gary Sabiston and Gary is embarking on a 98 mile walk of the famous West Highland Way to raise funds towards the many operations and hospital visits Archie has to endure.  Archie is still smiling a great big beaming smile throughout.  Can you help Gary raise the funds needed to help him?  No donation is too small.

You can donate here or by cash at the golf club office.

Anything you can afford really would make a massive difference.  With many thanks in advance from Gary and family.

We would like to wish Gary the very best of luck with his walk on behalf of all of us here at Harburn Golf Club.

Archie Innes – A Real Superhero