It is good to see that members are making use of the online booking system which is on a first come first served basis, At peak times, which is usually at the weekend, some members are unable to get their preferred time and have to play at alternative times.  There is a waiting list arrangement as part of the BRS booking system which automatically enters a name from the list if a time becomes available.  To allow the waiting list to work and online bookings to be made it is important that if you are unable to make a booked tee time that you ensure the booking is removed as soon as possible.

The non appearance for a booked tee-time and the person who did the booking is being monitored. A tee time is the named slot for a competition and a for a bounce game it refers to the tee time booked.  Members who repeatedly make a non appearance for a booked tee time may have their advance booking rights curtailed.  This is to give all members the chance to make use of all available tee times as it is frustrating to see tee times not being used at peak times.