Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Iain Affleck and I was recently given the honour of becoming Club Captain.
I have been playing golf since the age of ten, originally at Hollandbush Golf Club. I have been a member of Harburn for twelve years, and have been on Council for the last three. I am proud to be following in my parents footsteps as they have both been Captains of Hollandbush. I relish the challenge the next couple of years will undoubtedly bring and look forward to meeting many of you either in the clubhouse, or on the course.
My intent during my tenure as Captain will be to ensure that the club remains in a strong financial position, but retains the family club ethos I believe we already have. To achieve this we must try and maintain the club feel and balance it with the business principles required to run a financially healthy golf club.
It’s obviously very early in the season and our course has recently suffered from an extended period of wet weather at the end of Winter, but by and large, it’s handled it well. Last season, the course was probably in the best condition it has been since I joined and we will continue to strive to make Harburn the ‘go to club’ in West Lothian.
To maintain this we have to try and maintain membership at the requisite levels, and maintain visitor income. Council have a number of plans in the pipeline to increase the use of the course during the quiet times (midweek and afternoons).
For this to succeed I need every member to play their part in striving for success by arranging outings, inviting non-member friends to play and making new members feel welcome to ensure they stay.
If you are interested in joining Council or have other ideas that you feel might benefit our club, feel free to contact me on

Iain Affleck