It is with great regret that I am informing you of a couple of recent changes on your club council,. Louise Hutson has now completed her notice period and has officially stepped down from her role as Club Treasurer and in a double loss for Council, Alistair Hutson also decided to step back from his position as convener of the marketing committee.

Alistair and Louise have both worked tirelessly in moving the club into the newly invigorated position it finds itself in and in the modern age, it’s unusual to find people selflessly willing to give so much of their time

Alistair originally stepped in as Club Captain 4 years ago with no vice-captain in place when nobody else stepped forward; without this selfless act the club would have found itself in a difficult situation with nobody at the helm as Captain. Alistair put an enormous amount of work into the club  behind the scenes as well as the public duties required of the captain. He made many changes to processes and procedures which have helped the club form new governance procedures.

Louise then joined council and shortly thereafter took on the position of treasurer, a role which she threw herself into wholeheartedly and managed the finances in a prudent and sensible manner at a time when the club benefitted from the cash injection from the wind farms. This has allowed the club to carry out many refurbishments and upgrade equipment without putting the club into debt.

Between them Alistair and Louise were also very active in the club social scene and many functions would never have gone ahead if not for Louise’s enthusiasm in selling many tickets and pushing these functions, she was also instrumental in getting the club membership heavily involved through social media.

Both Alistair and Louise were pivotal in getting Bistro 19 on board, which has been a great success in getting life back into the club.

So from myself, and on behalf of the membership I would like to thank you both very much for all you have done over the years and hopefully your handicaps will now come down as you have more time to play the course.

Naturally, when one door closes, another one opens, and with Alistair and Louise stepping down, there will be opportunities for other club members  to step up and I’ll write again on this matter in the coming days.