Similar to the previous Club sweep it is a non counter for handicap purposes. It is a Stableford competition open to Ladies and Gents (max 24) with play in groups of 2, 3 or 4 players.  Entry is £1 with play from yellow tees with full handicap.  Following the R & A’s  introduction of new rules in 2019 it is intended to trial the proposed new rules in this event.  See the Test rules explanatory video at   Play Ready golf.  ie you can play out of turn if not interfering with your playing partners shot.

Rules Summary.  Putting :  You are able to:  repair all damage to green, touch the line of putt, replace ball if accidentally moved, putt with the flag stick in hole.

Relief and Hazards. Drop the ball from any height, Free relief :  find the nearest point of relief then 20″ not nearer the hole, Penalty drop within 80″ not nearer the hole,  3 mins to find a ball. Remove all loose impediments in bunkers and water hazards, able to ground the club in a water hazard.