I’d like to politely ask members to ensure they adhere to normal course etiquette when cutting in from the 4th Green to the 11th Tee.

Firstly, if there are players playing the 10th hole, you should not cut in or proceed to tee off from the 11th unless the player or players on the 10th indicate that it is ok for you to do this.

Secondly, if the 10th is clear and you are able to move from 4th to 11th, please be aware of games behind who may be playing 18 holes and catch up to the group who has cut in.

The group or game who has cut in at the 11th (or anywhere else) should ALWAYS invite the group or game who are playing the full 18 holes to play through.

The invitation to play through must also extend to single players who are playing 18 holes.

It is an outdated misconception that single players have no standing on the golf course. This part of golfing etiquette changed more than 10 years ago.

Thank you for your cooperation