As you will be aware the golf course has been adversely effected by the amount of rainfall throughout the year and particularly the latter part of the season.

Even after course maintenance was carried out last month the water table remained high which has resulted in a fair amount of the course remaining wet.

As a result I have had discussions with the green staff to look at ways of improving the course, firstly throughout the winter, but more importantly, to ensure the course is given the best opportunity to be at it’s best next season.

For the reasons outlined above we have trialled verti draining the 6th, 16th and part of the 18th greens today which has produced positive results in terms of draining the standing water.

If the weather holds, the rest of the course will be verti drained over the next week and this will produce the same results.

This should result in the greens remaining on for most of the winter and assist in the course being in better condition for the season commencing in the Spring.

Members will see the verti draining holes on the greens, however, I trust you will also see the improvements both during the winter and into next year.