Winter work

Over the last few months we’ve been carrying out our winter projects as well as the daily upkeep of the course.
While the weather has been temperamental for golfers, it has allowed us to progress with minimal disruption to the course.

7th Fairway drainage- A new main drain has been installed on the left hand side of the fairway. This has been linked in to an existing pipe which has a positive outlet.
All existing lateral drains have been cleaned out and linked in to the new main drain.
The turf will be relayed once the soil settles out.

9th fairway drainage- A new main drain has been installed just back from the pond on the right hand side.
The new main drain is linked in to the same pipe as the 7th which we know has a positive outlet.
All lateral drains in this area have been linked in to the new main drain.
The turf will be relayed once the soil settles out.

10th bunker drainage- After gaining access to the field adjacent to the 10th, we were able to locate the pipe and clear the blockage.
Once the water level dropped, we installed new drainage in the bunker which was backfilled with gravel and blinding layer.
Fresh sand will be put in the bunker before it opens for play.

Plantations- Over the course of the winter we have been thinning out plantations.
This has involved pruning, removing trees and cutting dogwood back.
This will help with maintaining these areas and should make them easier to play out of.
Plantations that have been completed so far are:
6th- right hand side
7th- left, right and behind the green
8th- right hand side
9th- left hand side and left of the green

The ideal weather for carrying out this job is a hard frost or a covering of snow. Should we have these weather conditions, we will start on other areas.

Greens- Greens have been getting switched on a daily basis and when conditions allow, we’ve been cutting by hand.
I’m happy to report that so far we’ve had very little disease.
The 2nd & 16th showed the early signs of fusarium which was treated right away to prevent it from spreading.
An application of lawn sand was applied week commencing 11th February.
All greens were deep spiked and hand cut earlier this week.

We currently have a greens iron on demo which we plan to use this week or early next week, ground/weather permitting.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

Mark Littlejohn