As you will already be aware, continued wet weather meant that the greens were too soft for the Greenskeepers to carry out the planned coring work in September.  As a short term alternative, the greens were spiked to assist with aeration and drainage.

In consultation with the club Agronomist, we are now following his advice to postpone the coring work until the springtime. The Agronomist considers that there is now insufficient opportunity for recovery of the greens (if we sanded them) given the recent drop in temperatures if our staff were to try and do the work now.

Agronomy advice recommends that we core and sand our greens twice per season, this helps with drainage, thatch removal and the introduction of chemicals to better control the acidity of the sub surfaces. Whilst missing it once in a season is unlikely to cause significant hindrance to the surfaces, we will reconsider competition dates for the 2020 season to try and give our greens staff the best opportunity for following the plan to core twice next year.

Now that we are at the end of the season with just the Labinjoh medal final to play, our greens staff will be preparing to undertake some winter projects. The broad outline for their planned work will be as follows:

Greens staff will core all the tees and sand where they deem it necessary.

Our previously iterated plan of working on improving poorly drained or damaged drains areas will continue and this Winter, we will upgrade or improve drainage on the following areas.

  • Hole No 3, drainage will be improved on bunker number 2 (2nd bunker left at the front of the green).
  • Hole No 4, the wet area to the left hand side of the central part of the hole (next to the trees on the left).
  • Hole No 8, the wet area to the left hand side of the 8th (at the top of the slope and over the RH shoulder of the 7th green).

In addition to the above noted work, we also plan to undertake work to improve our own practice area. The 20 year contract for the field across the road ends next year and as yet, there is no decision as to whether we will continue this arrangement beyond the current contract.  As such, we will take preliminary steps to improve our own facility should we need to revert to having that as the main practice area.

Should you have any questions with regards the information in this news release, please contact Fiona in the first instance.

Club Council

October 2019