Winter Program

The Greens team have been busy over the winter so far, despite the ongoing high levels of rainfall.  There has been a real focus on tackling drainage problem areas –


  • 3rd Hole
    Left hand bunker will be started soon.
    4th Hole
    Fairway beside left hand trees – partly complete and more to be done.
    8th Hole
    Left side of fairway drainage work completed.
    9th Hole
    Right hand bunker drainage redone and complete.
    10th Hole
    Ongoing work to connect drain at left hand side of green into better drain running at back of green, to reduce water build in heavy rain.
    17th Hole
    Drain cleared on ladies tee.


Winter Mats status

Our Head Greens Keeper is happy to continue the 100 yards rule for using mats on the fairway until the start of the next season.
We will require a member supported divot repair morning (where hot rolls will be provided!) prior to the start of our playing season.


Maintenance has started on the greens, they’ve been spiked twice and hand cut.
We will continue to work on the greens when the weather permits.