I am delighted to announce that Harburn Golf Club have teamed up, in partnership, with GolPhin to develop junior golf within our club and the area.

GolPhin design and manufacture innovative junior golf clubs and provide fun and engaging learning materials to assist kids in enjoying golf from the very beginning.  The lightweight clubs design features, ensure younger children can be taught proper swing technique from an early age with properly flexed shafts getting the ball airborne quickly.  This provides the kids with confidence which in turn leads to greater enjoyment.

As the young golfer progresses they can track their own development through a structured online process which allows them to develop their skills.

Very early in the New Year, Harburn Golf Club will commence indoor sessions with kids ranging from a very young age to teenagers.  I hope this will provide them with the enthusiasm to continue to develop, and, as the season approaches, progress to playing outdoors.

The idea behind this partnership is to provide a fun environment which children enjoy, and, assist in increasing the numbers of junior golfers and their families in our club.

Further details will be announced on this site towards the end of the year.