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Result of Steele Cup rd 2/Labinjoh Medal

A few more competitors for round 2 of Steele cup and Labinjoh Medal 119. Congratulations to A Class winner M McKenzie gross 74 h-cap 9 net 65 and B Class winner C MacKinnon gross 81 h-cap 14 net 67 Unfortunately I don't have the overall winner and runner up of the...

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Results of Steele Cup rd 1/Scott Medal

This was a two round competition, number of Competitors 97 Congratulations to A Class winner G Mitchell gross 74 h-cap 8 net 66 and B Class winner B Halliday gross 80 h-cap 15 net 65 Qualifiers for the Scott Medal are: B Halliday, G Mitchell, M Wardrop, R Stuart, J...

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All in a Good Cause!

Harburn Ladies Charity BBQ - For once the weather behaved itself (most of the day!) to allow their charity BBQ to go ahead on Saturday 5th August.  This year the event took place at Linda Boyle's residence as she is taking part in The Great North Run on 10th September...

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