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Captain & Trustee Mr Brian Rooney
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Treasurer & Trustee Mr Mike Harkness
Past-Captain & Trustee Mr Jim Stewart
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Greens Convenor Mr Alan Douglas
Junior Convenor Mr James McGrane
Match & Handicap Convenor Mr Colin Hume
Elected Representative Mr Jim McEwan
Elected Representative

Extending the Harburn Family

In order that the club generates the revenue necessary to maintain and to improve the ‘Harburn Experience’ it is vital that we continue to attract and retain new and existing members and reverse the trend of the nomadic golfer which affects all golf clubs.

Due to the success of the 2015 ‘Extending the Harburn Family’ Buddy Scheme Council have decided to run for a limited time only, a revised and improved version of this scheme in 2017.

Council would like you, our members, to help recruit new members to ‘our family’. By encouraging friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours to join our club and by you actively supporting and helping them get established in the club, we can increase our membership retention figures. We all know what a great place Harburn is to play golf and what great value our subscription rates are but in order to make your task even easier we are offering an incentive to you and any new members you recruit.

How It Works

The new member (your buddy), will be offered an introductory discount of 10% on each of their first two year’s subscriptions.  As a reward for you introducing your buddy and helping them settle in to the club you will also receive an amount equivalent to their 10% discount as a rebate against your membership. If you support your Buddy and encourage your Buddy to renew their membership in year 2, you will receive a further 10% discount.

In the event that you have already paid your fees then you will receive your rebate in cash.

Some examples:

An ordinary member may introduce 5 x ordinary members and effectively qualify for a 50% discount when their ‘buddies’ join our club.  A further 50% discount will be received in 2018 should your buddies decide to renew their subscription.  Your help in settling them into the club should ensure this happens.

Where an ordinary member introduces a new member in another membership category, the discount available in years one and two are 10% of the new member’s subscription.


What is the maximum discount member's will receive?
Any member can introduce as many members as they wish, subject to the club’s overall membership target which has been established by council.  All new members introduced will be eligible for a discount; however any discount allocated to existing members shall not exceed 100% of their own annual subscription.
When does the ‘Extending the Harburn Family’ scheme start?
The scheme is open now and new members may join at any time up until the end of April 2017.  Their subscription year starts at that point and runs to the end of the 2017.
Can a new member who joined under this scheme bring in their own buddy?
There is no restriction on any new member for finding their own buddy, however, the scheme is only open until the end of April 2017.
My buddy was a previous member of our club, can he re-join under this scheme?
Provided your buddy was not a member of the club in 2016 and they have no outstanding membership fees they are more than welcome to join under this scheme.
My spouse / partner / child is interested in joining will they qualify for family discount too?
The buddy scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.  Family members already qualify for a 20% discount on the lowest subscription rate.
What happens if the new member does not renew their membership?
If the new member’s subscription is not renewed, the introducer will not receive a discount in year two.
How are Buddy memberships paid?
We have made it even easier to join and continue to be a member of our Club.   New members joining under this scheme will have the opportunity to pay by monthly instalments.  Three months payments are required up front and thereafter 9 monthly instalments.  Alternatively, paying their subscription fees in full is always acceptable.
Are we not just giving cheap memberships away?
We have a product which offers excellent value for money but we face the same challenges as many other businesses; we have limited income streams.  Member subscriptions represent our greatest opportunity for generating the income that the club needs.  This income and any surpluses are needed to fund capital investment programmes to ensure we continue to offer a quality golfing experience.  Consequently we have chosen to relaunch ‘Extending the Harburn Family Buddy Scheme to try to attract and very importantly, to retain new members.
Is there a limit on the number of members we will admit?
We have not set any limit for the number of 5-day members we will admit under this scheme although council reserve the right to establish a limit if necessary.  In order to ensure as many members as possible can get to play at the times they want we have set an initial target of 600 7-day members.  When this figure is reached we will introduce a waiting list.