The rules for The Opening Day Betterball on Saturday 1st of April are as follows

Open to Ladies and Gents with a current handicap.

Teams of 2 players.

Ladies get an additional 2 shots due to different SSS ie 70 for Gents and 72 for Ladies.

Players are to receive 9/10 th of their handicap.

The best nett score at each hole to count towards the team score.

Record both players’ actual (gross) score on the scorecard.

If a player scores an NR at a hole enter as a 0 on the scorecard.

Enter the gross scores of both players into the computer and post the signed scorecard in the box.

The computer will determine the team’s best nett score at each hole.

In the event of a tie it is best back nine, best last 6, best last 3

Match and Handicap.