Sorry for the delay on the results a few are attached.

Kirk Rosebowl 28/06/17

Congratulations to A Class winner N Owen gross 76 h-cap 9 net 67 and B Class winner D Galloway gross 81 h-cap 14 net 67

Qualiers: D Galloway, N Owen, W Speirs, G Sneddon

Scott Medal 01/07/17

Congratulations to A Class winner W Heeps gross 73 h-cap 7 net 66 B Class I Forrester gross 80 h-cap 12 net 68

Qualifiers: W Heeps, P Tollin, I Forrester, D MacAulay, M Littlejohn, C Galloway, T Lang, J McGrane, M Gray, J Rooney

Pairs Stableford 2/07/17

Congratulations to winners of the pairs A Florence and I Affleck with 45 points