Kirk Rosebowl 15th July 2020

Competitors 150, SS 70

Congratulations to winners of A Class K Conway gross 69 h-cap 5 net 64 and B Class C Hume gross 79, h-cap 15 net 64

2’s sweep – 15th hole £29.00 each G Campbell, A McElhinney, A Whiteford, D Bryans

Qualifiers of Kirk Rosebowl Final on 26th August are K Conway, C Hume, D Bryans, S Campbell, E McBride, S Stanton, J D Brett, G Cameron and J Sloggett

Seniors & Youths Championship Qualifier 18th July 2020

Competitors 83 SS 70

Senior Qualifiers G Sharkey 71 BIH, F Jervis 71, C Brown 76, K Conway 77, D Bryans 78, N Henderson 78, M Cassaly 79, R G Stewart 80 BIH

Youths Qualifier C Curran 73, J Stewart 80, C Logan 82

Congratulations to R Stokes winner of the Harry Cowan Trophy and G Sharkey winner of the McDonald Fraser Trophy

2’s sweep – 15th hole £9.96 each C Logan, S Burns, D Bryans, R Stokes, A Mark

Steele Cup 2nd Round & Labinjoh Qualifier 19th July 2020

Competitors 122 SS 70

Congratulations to John Wright winner of Steele Cup

Congratulations to winners of A class C Curran gross 66 net 66 and B Class B Lee gross 86 h-cap 22 net 64

2’s Sweep – t5th hole £31.73 each S Barkey, B Gray and D Condie

Labinjoh Qualifiers are B Lee, J Wright, P Chisholm, A Crossley, C Curran, S Barkey, G Kidd, T Woods, R McCabe, C rarity, D Condie and T Connolly