Competitors 62, SS 70

Congratulations to winners of A Class T McCormack gross 78, h-cap 11, net 67 and D Bryans gross 74, h-cap 7, net 67 and B Class J Strickland gross 80, h-cap 14, net 66

Qualifiers for the Labinjoh medal final 6th October 2019 are: J Strickland, T McCormack, D Bryans, R Paul, T Logan, S McKay, M Littlejohn, D Russell, L Jervis and S Moffat.

In case you have forgotten, the final list of qualifiers are:I Affleck, P Bevis, D (Youth) Black, J D Brett, A Brown, C Bryans, D Bryans, A Burnett, R Burns, G Burns, P Chisholm, G Corrigan, A Crossley, W Davidson, R Drewett, G Duncan, J Ellis, I Fennell, J Flockhart, A Gallagher, M Gibson, I Grant, B Gray, A Hastie, A Henderson, N Henderson, C Higgins, F Jervis, L Jervis, A Kerr, T Laird, J Lawson, A Lee, I Littlejohn, M Littlejohn , T Logan, C MacKenzie, T McCormack, P McGhie, S McKay, M McManus, L Thomas, S Moffat, R Paul, B Rooney, D Russell, G Sabiston, W Saunders, D Saunders, M Smith, L Steele, S Stirling, R Stokes, G Strang, J Strickland, A L Thomson, Alex Thomson, A R Thomson, S Tidy, S Walker, I Wightman and Tug Wilson