Harburn Golf Club has volunteered to be one of the early test Clubs for Scottish Golf’s new Venue Management System (VMS).

The introduction of the system was one of the pillars of Scottish Golf’s campaign to increase affiliation fees with the promise that the VMS would eventually remove the need for Clubs to have multiple software packages looking after tee booking, competition scoring, handicapping, membership administration and more.

After attending a recent demonstration of the VMS at Sport Scotland we were impressed by what we saw.  Although, the full range of functionality is not yet available, the competition module with live score entry and handicapping is ready to be rolled out.

We are now looking for members to be our early testers and for them to use the VMS in parallel to our own systems.

The test gives our club the opportunity to offer feedback on the system and to help shape it for our benefit and that of Clubs across the country who will use it over the coming years.

Once the system has full functionality, it should remove the need for us to have Club V1 & BRS and offer a more streamlined booking system along with bringing better control of our price point marketing back within the club.

We agreed to be a test Club as the project is extremely important to the future of Scottish Golf and could have significant benefits for the individual member Clubs.  As a result we hope that members will see this as a worthwhile opportunity with which to become involved and will support the testing phase.  The Scott Medal on Saturday 21st September 2019, will be the first parallel trial, and members are asked to enter their scores twice.  Please post scores to BRS as normal, AND to the Scottish Golf Ipad that will be positioned next to the computer. Full instructions will be posted next to the IPad.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.