1st Handicap A.Leitch and T.Leitch 69 and 1/3rd BIH 2 x £100
2nd Handicap A.Groves and C.Robinson 69 and 1/3rd BIH 2 x £75
3rd Handicap A.L.Thomson and R.Smith 69 and 1/3rd 2 x £50
4th Handicap S.Linford and P.Logan 69 and 2/3rds 2 x £35
5th Handicap G.Sneddon and L.Dunlop 70 and 1/3rd 2 x £25
1st Scratch G.Corrigan and S.Corrigan 67 2 x £100
2nd Scratch S.Tidy and D.Marshall 68 2 x £50
1st Hole – Spot Prize Gary McArdle N/A 2 x Umbrellas and Hats
2nd Hole –  Spot prize G Mcgarty Jnr N/A Fourball Voucher – Duddingston
3rd Hole –  Spot prize S.Dand N/A Hole in One and  2 Boxes of Pro V1s
4th Hole –  Spot prize W.Conquer N/A 2 Wedges donated by D Heeps
5th Hole –  Spot prize S.Calder N/A Hole in One Prize and 2 x Ping Half Zip Tops
6th Hole –  Spot prize M.McCormack N/A 2 Travel Bags
7th Hole –  Spot prize G.Smith N/A 2x box of Honma Golf Balls plus socks
8th Hole –  Spot prize N.Farmer N/A 2 x Sleeveless Windtops
9th Hole –  Spot prize L.Dunlop N/A Fourball Voucher – Prestonfield
10th Hole –  Spot prize D.McCauley N/A 2 Pairs of Shoes
11th Hole –  Spot prize P.Donlan N/A 2 Boxes of Pro V1s donated by S Boyle
12th Hole –  Spot prize S.Peutherer N/A 2 x Stuburt shirts and Fourball for Bathgate
13th Hole –  Spot prize C.Galloway N/A Hole in One Prize and McGregor Carry Bags
14th Hole –  Spot prize A.Brown N/A Stuburt Half Zip Tops and Socks
15th Hole –  Spot prize W.Saunders N/A Hole in One Prize and Fourball Voucher – Ratho
16th Hole –  Spot prize J.D.Stewart N/A 2x £30 Pro Shop Vouchers
17th Hole –  Spot prize S.McKay N/A Fourball Voucher – Kinross donated by G McSporran
18th Hole –  Spot prize G.Corrigan N/A 2 x Lynx Putters donated by Pro