At the recent council meeting an important agenda topic was discussing possible ways of increasing visitor revenue to meet our financial targets but without adversely impacting on the membership.

We are seeing a substantial increase in the number of visiting parties who want to play their outings on weekends.We try as much as possible to avoid this to minimise the impact on members and when they do take place on a weekend, numbers are limited.

However, the simple facts are that if we don’t increase club revenue by permitting visiting parties, then we need to assess other forms of income for your club with an increase in membership fees being the most obvious.

We would like to target an increase in the use of the course during the quieter periods  which are generally weekdays and after 2pm on the weekend. This would reduce impact upon members and increase club revenue. To that end I am asking you to consider bringing a party of your friends or colleagues to play Harburn during these quieter periods. As a member you can get some fantastic deals to bring a party to play.

If we could get 100 members to bring a party of 10 people, or more it would go a long way to meeting our 2017 our financial targets. Please seriously consider bringing a party of friends or colleagues to play the best course in the county.

Contact Fraser or Fiona in the office  for details of the packages available.

Many thanks

Iain Affleck

Club Captain