Scott and his team have made good progress against both the winter programme and extensive additional works not included within the original programme connected with the installation of the new bulk LPG tank.

The completed works so far are:

  • Weather mat installed between 1st green & 2nd tee
  • Removal of trees (and stumps) at 4th tee
  • Air eze machine installed
  • Ground works and trenches for new bulk LPG tank

Works still being progressed

  • The extensive bunker work at the 18th green has progressed well, two of the three bunkers are now shaped and drained. The final one should be completed in the early part of next week with favourable weather conditions.  This just leaves them to be turfed and the sand added before the start of the season.


An early decision was taken regarding the installation of the artificial tee box at 15th hole.  This work has been postponed to ensure that the bunker work at the 18th was completed to schedule.