1st June – Ladies McBride (rescheduled) 2nd Round Results

What a difference a week makes – Last Tuesday the greens were flooded and players were drenched.  This Tuesday the sun was shining and factor 50 was required!!

The second round of the McBride Trophy was won by Meg Laidler with an excellent 68 net.  Sheila McEwan was runner up with 71 net and Annie Leitch was 3rd with 73 net.  Once the second round net scores were combined with round 1, Deirdre Taylor rose to the top as winner of the McBride Trophy with a total of 142. Congratulations Deirdre!  Commiserations to the runners up Dorothy Wilson, Meg Laidler and Annie Leitch who were all tied on 144.

2 June – Kirk Rosebowl

138 players in the field.

Division 1

K Saunders Gross 76 Hcap 10 Net 66 (after count back), S Forrest Gross 71 Hcap 5  Net 66, G Campbell Gross 72 Hcap 5 Net 67, Joshua Stewart Gross 71 Hcap 4 Net 67

Division 2

G McCabe Gross 86 Hcap 25 Net 61, P Cowley Gross  92 Hcap  28 Net 64, B Mahood Gross 93 Hcap 28  Net 65

Congrats to 9 players winning £17.51 each at the 2’s sweep at the 15th – K Saunders, S Forrest, B Rooney N Henderson,  J Sloggett, A Bowman, R Cullen, J Rankin & S Crookston

Qualifiers: G McCabe, P Cowley, B Mahood, J Wright, K Saunders, P Ferris, S Forrest

5 June – Seniors Championship

68 players

John Stewart Gross 89 Hcap 26 Net 63, Bob Lannen Gross 81 Hcap 13 Net 68, David Bryans Gross 73 Hcap 5 Net 68, Paul Bevis Gross 79 Hcap 11 Net 68, William Marr Gross 93 Hcap 25 Net 68

2’s sweep at the 15th each winning £10.88 – A Maxwell, B Rooney, A Henderson, N Rennie & D James

6 June – Labinjoh Medal

103 players.

A class

R Stokes Gross 77 Hcap 10 Net 67 (BIH)

P Chisholm Gross 77 Hcap 10 Net 67

M McManus Gross 77 Hcap 9 Net 68

A Henderson Gross 74 Hcap 6 Net 68

A Maxwell Gross 77 Hcap 9 Net 68

B Class

G Dewar Gross 92  Hcap 28 Net 64 (BIH)

A Wragg Gross 82 Hcap 18 Net 64

D James Gross 83 Hcap 18 Net 65

4 winners at the 15th each winning £20.20, well done to S McCord, Jack Stewart, R Stokes & D Condie

This weeks qualifiers – G Dewar, D Wragg, D James, J McGarty, W Davidson, K Fleming, R Stokes & P Chisolm

7 June – Gents Summer League

Another great result for the team v Uphall. It was a clash of the top two teams with a win giving either a great chance of topping the league as winners and getting a home tie for the quarter finals. Harburn won the game 4-2 with Sid and Matthew bringing home the win. Sid managed to hit a 2iron at 17 onto the green! Connor got the biggest win of the night, 6&4. Well done to all the players and the members who came up to support.

The team was: Craig Deerness, Nick Henderson, Callum Rarity, Connor Bennewith, Sid Curran &Matthew Smith





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