Ladies Midway League (away to Dundas ) – 10 May

Sadly, Harburn’s Midway team came crashing down to earth with a 4-0 defeat away at Dundas Park.  Sheila McEwan, Meg Laidler, Helen Warnock and Annie Leitch tried their best but were out played by a good home team

Gents Summer League (Home to Niddry Castle) – 10 May

Harburn Men’s team got off to a fast start in the first game of the summer league with a 5 1/2 to 1/2 win on Monday at home V Niddry Castle.

The team consisted of:

Chris Curran, Craig Deerness, Connor Bennewith, Nick Henderson. Callum Rarity and Matty Smith

Three of the games went down to the wire, two resulted in a win and the other a half match keeping a clean sheet for us which is a great achievement.

Connor, playing his first game for the team, had a tight match where he wasn’t up in the game until it mattered at the 18th! Connor holed a lovely 15-foot putt for a birdie to win the game. Really well done Connor.

Callum also had a tightly fought match and held his nerve to win on the 18th, his first of many wins for the team.

Well done to all the players. Always appreciate the support and willingness to play for the team.

Our next game is on the 20th of May away at Uphall at 5:30pm. If you have some free time, please come along and support

Ladies Medal – 11 May

On Tuesday, an inform Hazel Deerness took the honours, in the second of the Scottish Medal counting competitions, with a 71 net – well done!  Runners up were Kimberley Campbell and Aileen Kennedy both on 72 net.

A special mention to Aileen Kennedy who sank a raker of a putt on the 13th for her 2.  However, to make absolutely sure, she proceeded to have another 2 at the 15th!  Aileen now shares a very healthy 2s pot with herself!

Kirk Rosebowl – 12 May

90 players on the field with some superb scores.

Division 1

Michael Curran Gross 73 Hcap 11 Net 62, Chris Curran Gross 64 Hcap -3 Net 67, Brian Rice Gross 74 Hcap 6  Net 68, Stephen Galvin Gross 76 Hcap 8 Net 68, Alan Rome Gross 79 Hcap 11 Net 68

Division 2

Michael Campbell Gross 89 Hcap 26  Net 63, Jack Cassie Gross 81 Hcap 17  Net 64, Stuart Macpherson Gross 91  Hcap 25  Net 66

2s sweep at the 15th – 7 players each winning £10.29

Well done to Chris Curran, Sid Curran, Craig Deerness, John Kerr, Neil Owen, David Russell and Alastair Greer.

This week’s qualifiers – Michael Curran, Michael Campbell, Jack Cassie and Stuart Macpherso

Scott Medal – 15th May

138 players in the field.

Division 1

David Russell Gross 76  Hcap  10 Net 66, Allan Maxwell Gross 76 Hcap 9 Net 67, David Heeps Gross 74 Hcap 6 Net 68

(7 players tied for 3rd, D Heeps scored best net inward9)

Division 2

Martin Lee Gross 88  Hcap  24 Net 64, John Stewart Gross 89 Hcap 25 Net 64, Tommy Connell Gross 83 Hcap 17 Net 66, Stuart Stirling Gross 81 Hcap 15 Net 66, Bob Lannen Gross 80 Hcap 14 Net 66, George Dewar Gross 94 Hcap 28 Net 66

2’s sweep at 15th – 6 players each winning £18.13

Well done Alex Bathgate, Chris Curran, Colin Hume, Tommy Toner, Rhys McCabe & Steven Craig


John Stewart, Martin Lee, David Russell, George Dewar, Stuart Stirling, Allan Maxwell, Alistair Greer, Brian Mahood, Craig Galloway, David Heeps, Dougie Masterton, James Murphy, Joey Strickland, John Daniel Brett, Robert Smith & Stewart McKay

Labinjoh – 16 May

107 players in the field.

Division 1

Paul Bevis Gross 77 Hcap 12  Net 65, Joshua Stewart Gross 71 Hcap 5 Net 66, David Russell Gross 76 Hcap 9 Net 67

Division 2

Gavin Kidd Gross 81 Hcap 18 Net 63, Tommy Connell Gross 79 Hcap 16 Net 63, L McW Thomas Gross 84 Hcap 19 Net 65

2’s sweep at the 15th – 10 players each winning £8.48

Well done to C Curran, N Henderson, G Kidd, C McKenzie, D Stuart, S Hardie, S Criag, S Galvin, Joshua Stewart & A Whiteford

Qualifiers – G Kidd, T Connolly, L McW Thomas, P Bevis, Joshua Stewart, Allan Whiteford, D Russell, T Wilson, B Lee and W Marr

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