Our family fun day was a major success!

The immersive day gave all the kids across all ages and their parents/carers time to explore and develop golf skills as well as have lots of fun.

Over 40 local children joined us last Sunday and took part in obstacle courses, a 4 hole challenge and a 10 hole junior championship.

Our aim with our junior section is to use games and tasks to make learning more interesting and going by the smiles, we achieved this.

Competition Results:

Junior Blues – 4 holes

  1. Cameron Stark 16
  2. Keir Findlay 20

Obstacles 1-8

  1. Liam Brown 2. Keir Findlay 3. Lexie Halliday 4. Logan Cain 5. Nathan Ollenbuttel 6. Blair Miller 7. Brodie Laing 8. Adam Brown

Junior Championship 10 Holes Boys Scratch

  1. Liam Findlay
  2. 2. Dean Brown

Junior Boys 10 Boys Handicap

  1. Adam Brown
  2. Peter Cowley

Junior Championship 10 holes Girls

  1. Isla Findlay
  2. Lexie Halliday

We would like to thank not only our Club coaches and volunteers, Jim, Lynda, Brian, Jack, Alan, Cynthia and photographer Peter Baird but also Bistro 19, our catering partner for laying on an amazing buffet for all and of course, to David Condie from TKD, for sponsoring our Family Fun Day.

Brilliant day, thanks for coming and hope to see you on the course again soon.

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