Our first tie is this Thursday against the holders, Binny.

I would hope everyone in the group will get an opportunity to play for the club. It is great that we have 21 members

which  we will take advantage of.

With Covid and changes to the handicap system there are a few logistical and administration we need to cover off.

Rather than make this a long post, I will focus on the team for this week and update later on other matters.

With the green staff starting the course maintenance on Monday, this is an added issue for all players. Binny and the Secretary of LGA have been informed.

The team is as follows;

K Conway            A Burnett

A Henderson     M Wardrop

M Cassaly            A Thomson

D Russell              B Stokes

A Bathgate          G Cameron

At the moment, 1st tee off is 1.14, hoping to move to 1.00, will advise, please arrange be at course 15 mins earlier.

Sorry if you haven’t been selected, you will be in the future.

Let’s have a winning season and then go and beat the Lothian’s challenge as we did 3 years ago.

Best regards


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