Happy New Year Golfers,

2021 has gotten off to a cold start and it’s a bit frustrating not being able to access the course, but the snow will clear away soon enough. Hopefully, cabin fever hasn’t kicked in just yet…

Following on from the First Ministers announcements today, I’m writing just to clarify what it’ll mean for us once the cold snap does ease up.

Firstly, the good news is that golf courses in Scotland are remaining open and are not subject to any closure restrictions. Our clubhouse will however remain completely closed.

A restriction has been introduced to the number of players that can play together, and as of Tuesday 5th January, only 2 ball golf will be permitted.

That is 2 players from the same household, or 2 players from different households. But a maximum of 2 players in any tee time and in any configuration.

If the weather clears in time, we do have some winter competitions planned this month, but they may be subject to change with regards playing format, handicap qualifiers etc. We’ll update you again as and when we know.

We’ll also assess what we can do by way of perhaps reducing tee spacings slightly to try and get more tee times given we’ll be back to playing 2 balls.

Stay safe, and we’ll get back playing soon enough.

Club Captain

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