Match & Handicap Update

Changes to the World Handicap System come into effect on 1 April 2024. The main change is the way playing handicaps are calculated and will result in an initial reduction in your handicap when playing at Harburn.  There are other changes you should be aware of including expected scores for holes not played, penalty scores and fourball betterball scores counting for handicap.

Handicap changes

Currently your playing handicap is calculated by multiplying your handicap index by the slope rating.  From 1 April 2024 your playing handicap will include the difference between the course rating and par.  Where the course rating is less than par, as is the case at Harburn, the difference is deducted meaning your handicap will be lower than it is currently.  New handicap charts will be posted when the changes take effect.

Expected score

To try and improve the accuracy of handicaps, players are required to enter their score for all holes played, even if a no return is being submitted.  An expected score will then be calculated for holes not played.  It is no longer acceptable to submit no returns with 0 entered for every hole.  Players should also ensure that scorecards are submitted before leaving the course.  This helps M&H close competitions quickly.

Penalty score

If a player in unable to complete a round they should inform the club of the reason.  Failure to submit a score or submitting incomplete cards could result in a penalty score being applied.

Fourball betterball scores

If certain conditions are met then a player’s score may count for handicap purposes.  The conditions include a betterball of 42 stableford points.

Here’s a link which provides more details on the changes.

Other news

At the AGM   There was a proposal to have more Stableford competitions.  It was agreed that each month one of the Kirk Rosebowl Medals will be played on a Stableford format.  The first medal using Stableford will be Wednesday 1 May.  The final will remain stroke play.

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