All The Fixtures & Info For 2024


13SatLadiesWinter Medal
10SatLadiesWinter Medal
9SatLadiesWinter Medal
16SatGentsWinter Medal
16SatLadiesWinter Medal Final
19TueLadies9 Hole Stableford
24SunLadiesSnowball Stableford
30SatGentsGents Winter Cup

2TueLadiesScottish Medal
2TueGents Veterans Trophy
6Sat Gents/Ladies/JuniorsOpening Day Pairs Better Ball
9TueLadiesSpoon Stableford
13SatGentsHarburn Masters – Round 1
14SunGentsHarburn Masters – Round 2
16TueLadiesLadies Stableford Cup
17WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
18ThuSenior GentsSenior Gents Open
20SatGentsSpring Cup/Scott Medal
21SunGents/LadiesGolf in Scotland Texas Scramble
23TuesLadiesScottish Medal
24WedGentsKirk Rosebowl
25ThuGentsSeniors League vs Linlithgow (Home)
25ThuLadiesMidway League vs Deer Park
28SunGentsLabinjoh Medal
30TuesLadiesScottish Medal
1WedGents Kirk RosebowlMedal
2ThuGentsLGA Seniors vs Pumpherston (Home)
4SatGentsMcNally Stableford
7TuesLadiesWilson Cup
7TueGentsVeterans Trophy
8WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
9ThuGentsLGA Seniors League v West Lothian (Away)
11SatGentsLGA Spring Meeting                                                           –
12SunLadies3 Club Stableford
15WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
16ThuSenior GentsLGA Seniors League v Binny(Home)
18SatGentsStorry Cup – Round 1
19SunGentsStorry Cup – Round 2 / Labinjoh Medal
21TueLadiesSpoon Stableford
22WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
23ThuMixedSenior Mixed Open Greensomes
25SatGentsScott Medal
23ThuGentsLGA senior championship Shotts
25SatGentsScott Medal
26SunLadiesCivic Cup
28TueLadiesScottish Medal
29WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
30ThuLadiesMidway League Match – West Lothian
30ThuGentsLGA Seniors vs Dundas Park (Away)
31FriMixedClub Mixed Foresomes
3MonSenior GentsLGA Seniors League v Linlithgow (Away)
4TuesLadiesCoronation Foresomes
5WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
8SatSenior Gents / YouthsClub Championship Qualifier
11TueLadiesMcbride Trophy- Round 1
12WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
13SatSenior GentsLGA Seniors vs Niddry Castle (Away)
14FriGentsLGA Summer League vs Niddry Castle (Away)
15SatSeniors/YouthChampionship Final
16SunGentsInvitational Pairs Stableford
18TueLadiesMcbride Trophy- Round 2
18TueGentsVeterans Trophy
19WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
20ThuSenior GentsLGA Seniors League vs Uphall (Home)
21FriGentsLGA Summer League v Shotts (Home)
22SatGents OpenBobby Gibson Trophy
23SunGentsLabinjoh Medal
25TueLadiesSpoon Stableford
25TueGentsLGA Courier Trophy- Round 1
26WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
27ThuGentsLGA Courier Trophy- Round 2
27ThuSenior GentsLGA Seniors League v Bathgate(Away)
29SatGentsScott Medal
30SunGentsLGA Courier Trophy Semi Final & Final
2TueLadiesScottish Medal
3WedGentsKirk Rosebowl
4ThuGentsLGA Senior League vs Deer Park (Home|)
5ThuSenior GentsLGA Summer League v Pumpherston (Away)
6 & 7SatGents / LadiesClub Championship Qualifiers
8MonLadiesMidway League vs Dundas Park
9TueLadiesSpoon Stableford
10WedGentsKirk Rosebowl
11ThuSenior GentsLGA Senior League vs Greenburn (Away)
11ThuMixed SeniorSenior Open Mixed Greensomes
11ThuJuniorsLGA Junior Championship- Bathgate Golf Club
12FriGentsLGA Summer League vs Deer Park (Away)
13SatGents/LadiesClub Championships Finals
14SunLadies3 Club & Putter
15-26Club Maintenance & Course Recovery
19FriGentsLGA Summer League vs Linlithgow (Home)
23TueGentsVeterans Trophy
23TueLadiesScottish Medal
26FriGentsLGA Summer League vs Niddry Castle (Home)
27SatGentsSummer Cup/Scott Medal
28SunGentsLabinjoh Medal
29MonLadiesSenior & Veterans
30TueLadies2 Ball Foresomes
31WedGentsKirk Rosebowl
1ThuLadiesMidway League vs Pumpherston
2FriGentsLGA Summer League vs Shotts (Away)
4SunMixedMixed Open Greensomes
5MonGentsLGA Summer League vs Pumpherston (Away)
6TuesLadiesSpoon Stableford
7WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
8ThuLadiesClub Greensomes
10SatGentsSteele Cup Round 1
11SunGentsSteele Cup Round 2
13TuesLadiesScottish Medal
14WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Medal
16ThuGentsLGA Summer League vs Deer Park (Home)
17SatGentsScott Medal
18SunLadiesCivic Cup
20TuesLadiesSpoon Stableford
20TuesGentsVeterans Trophy
21WedGentsKirk Rosebowl Final
22ThuGentsGents Senior Open
24SatGentsLGA County Championships

Class 1- Pumpherston

Class 2- Bathgate

Class 3- Shotts

25SunGentsLabinjoh Medal
27TueLadiesScottish Medal
2-6Course Maintenance
10TuesLadiesScottish Medal
14SatLadiesSpoon Final
14SatGentsLGA Autumn Handicap

Class1- Pumpherston

Class 2- Deer Park

15SunLadies OpenLadies Open Tri-Am
17TueLadies9 Hole Stableford
17TueGentsVeterans Trophy
19ThurSenior Gents OpenPairs Better Ball
20FriGentsRichardson Trophy
21SatGentsAutumn Cup/ Scott Medal
22SunGentsLabinjoh Medal Final
24Tue                  Ladies                               9 Hole Stableford
28SatGentsScott Medal Final
29SatLadiesLadies Invitational (Friendship Bowl)
5SatGentsPairs Texas Scramble
6SunMixedBobby Smith Tri-Am
13SunMixedPat Montgomery Greensomes
15TuesGentsVeterans Trophy 12 Hole Scramble & Prizegiving
19SatGentsMcInally Stableford Cup
20SunLadiesLadies Club Tri-Am
26SatMixedClosing Day Greensomes
2SatGentsWinter Stableford Cup
9SatLadiesWinter Medal
7SatLadiesWinter Medal


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