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Golf Simulator

Welcome to our Golf Simulator Suite. This is a game-changer for all golf enthusiasts, it not only gives you a warm place for practice, it provides all the details you require to improve your golf: Ball speed, launch angle, side angle, side spin, carry distance, club head speed, efficiency, angle of attack, face angle and loft at impact.

Our Golf Simulator is the perfect place to practice at any time, especially when you can’t get out on the course.  You can tee off in comfort, even when the weather’s awful outside, its always dry in the simulator.

With a lineup of the world’s best courses at your fingertips, no need to chase the sun or battle the elements; you can immerse yourself in the game, tackle legendary courses, and fine-tune that swing you’ve been working on.

The Golf simulator at Harburn uses the GC Quad, it is a fantastic piece of technology trusted by golf professionals worldwide and is the official launch monitor of the PGA.

Want to improve your game? you’re not just swinging blindly. Our golf simulator studio is packed with technology that backs up your game with numbers. It’s not just about hitting balls;  you have the facts, and alongside lessons with our pro Stuart Houlden your game is sure to improve.

We operate on an ‘Off Peak’ and ‘Peak’ system, giving you the flexibility to fit golf into your schedule. Just click the picture, pick your slot, and you’re in.

Want to level up? Whether you’re here to nail the perfect shot or simply outplay your friends, our studio is the perfect place to enjoy golf whether rain, wind or snow. You don’t even have to get your shoes dirty!

Click the picture to view and book your time on the golf simulator.



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